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Kaizen’s Industrial Enclosures

Industrial enclosures or industrial partition is a generally used technical term which is used to define a closed engineering structure or separation for a particular area specifically designed and built for the purpose of reduction, minimization or attenuation of noise and heat generated by the machineries or equipment’s. Industrial enclosure is the most suitable solution to meet all storage requirement in an industry and also to monitor the day to day activities going on in the manufacturing plant. Kaizen Airtech solutions is the leading manufacturer & supplier of Industrial enclosures and partitions caters various industries for their diverse industrial requirements.

Applications :

  • • Insulated enclosures to protect machineries & equipment’s from heat.
  • • Dust proof enclosures
  • • Pre-fabricated partitions for separation of divisions within the plant
  • • Acoustic enclosures to reduce the noise generated from machineries
  • • Storage enclosures for protecting valuable goods inside the pant.
  • • Sound proof enclosures for giving noise free environment inside the plant to work.

Insulated enclosures to protect machineries & equipment’s from heat :

Modular enclosures are made up of individual panels that can be removed easily to facilitate access to enclosed machinery and equipment. They can even be completely disassembled and relocated in a different area of a facility—all without loss.


Dust Proof Enclosures :

Kaizen Airtech solutions provide dust proof, hygiene enclosure according required cleanliness. We have done many projects in cleanroom to control cleanliness and parameters such as temperatures and humidity at required level for various cleanroom classes.


Acoustic Enclosures :

Individual standard panels can be used as sound barriers in various interior and exterior scenarios. Outdoor applications include placement around:

  • Water Pumping Stations
  • Electrical Transformers
  • Mechanical Equipment
  • Transportation Corridors


Fabricated Enclosures :

There are a number of different types of commercial and industrial enclosures that can be fabricated and manufactured from metals.


Freestanding Enclosures :

Modular wall systems and support columns, it is easy to create all types of freestanding rooms and walls. These cost-effective structures utilize less material as they require no roof/with roof and can utilize lighting, fire suppression and HVAC service from the existing building.


Negative Pressure Isolation Room :

Negative pressure isolation rooms, airborne infection isolation rooms (AIIR) are used by patients for hospitals and medical centres to prevent cross-contaminations and airborne infections from spreading throughout the facility.

These rooms are commonly recommended by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help protect the public from diseases and infections that spread easily like tuberculosis, measles, and the coronavirus (COVID-19).