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If you have no idea about or are new to cleanrooms, you can find what cleanroom is and its function here.

With increasing emphasis on maximizing product production, improving the quality of products, and ensuring safety controls, many industries are looking to install cleanrooms or controlled facilities in their organizations.

KAIZEN AIRTECH SOLUTIONS, Pune is a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of modular cleanrooms, soft walls, and enclosures for controlling particles generation and achieving higher quality. We design these cleanrooms by providing an ultra-precision working environment with a tolerable level of contamination as specified.

Let's learn what is mean by cleanroom ?

A cleanroom is a room where dust, airborne and aerosol particles concentration is controlled by filtering out. These cleanrooms are designed and used to dispose of the number of particles generated and introduced within the room. Cleanrooms can also control other relevant parameters such as temperature, pressure, and humidity as per requirement.

With the help of these cleanrooms, it is easy to execute critical processes with ultra-precision in the cleanest area possible.

Cleanrooms can be classified as different contamination levels based on the quantity of particles allowed in the space.

How does it work ?

Firstly, outside air is circulated to the filter system, including HEPA or ULPA filters. Then clean outside air as per its specification. Filtered air is then enforced into the chamber of cleanroom. In addition to that, outside air which is contaminated within the room is also forced to outside the room by registers or recirculates back to filters and process continuously.

Top benefits of cleanrooms by Kaizen Airtech solution:

Benefits that make the use of cleanroom into ultra-precision processes are listed as below:

Zilch contamination :

Airborne particle is a major problem in many industries, especially in pharmaceutical and electronics industries. A single hair can ruin the process and product in these precision industries, so controlling the process environment is the only way to eliminate contamination.

Kaizen cleanrooms do these things precisely by controlling air flow rates and direction, temperature, humidity, pressure, etc., as per need.

Customized Solutions :

There is another important benefit of a cleanroom: it can be customized to fit the needs of various industries; whether its medical device company, food processing units, or pharmaceutical industry cleanroom by Kaizen Airtech creates a highly customized solution with the right environment that meets manufacturing standards.

Maximize product yield with superior ranking :

Cleanrooms equipped industry can be sure that product given by them meets the usual standards and surpass them. It leads to enhancement of the product, which ultimately boosts companies' ranking in the market and provides an economical edge.

Compliance with standards :

The Government has taken strict action against food processing and pharma units' hygiene, environmental protection, and quality factors. With the help of Kaizen Airtech's cleanrooms, any company can be assured that their product complies with the rules and regulations set by the Government.

Superior Image :

The mode of operation of cleanrooms allows for high benefits business opportunities, ultimately leads to long-term consumer loyalty and superior image in the market.

Who needs a cleanroom ?

Suppose you are manufacturing something easily affected by dirt, dust, contamination, or particles present in the air. In that case, you need a clean room to have the cleanest room possible for getting ultra-precision work without any problem.

Some common application field industry that regularly use cleanrooms :

  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Electronic Part Production
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Nanotechnology production
  • Optics and Lens Manufacturing
  • Military Applications
Conclusion :

To keep all contamination away from the adverse effect on the final measurement of the object, we KAIZEN AIRTECH SOLUTIONS, PUNE, provide you the best solution with advanced Cleanrooms. Our self-motivated and proficient team has expertise in manufacturing and exporting cleanrooms solutions to meet customers' requirements.


Kaizen Airtech solution is the leading industry in the design and fabrication of critical-environment controlling cleanrooms. We provide a complete range of manufacturing and supplies for cleanrooms.

General Service Administration's standards (FS209E) almost were functional across the world just before global cleanroom standards were approved by ISO (the International Standards Organization). But with an increasing need for international standards, the ISO has also set a standard by using several working groups.

Cleanroom Classification :

Clean rooms are generally classified as per the cleanliness level of the air inside the controlled environment or how clean the air is. The level of cleanliness the room complies with is the cleanroom class, according to the quantity and extent of particles of air.

In Federal Standard 209 (A - D) of the USA, the particles numbers are measured in the air equal to and greater than 0.5 micrometres. This number is usually used to classify the cleanroom.

This metric terminology is also approved in the 209E form of the Standard set. Federal Standard 209E is utilized at the domestic level only, and the new Standard set from the ISO is TC 209.

Federal and ISO Standards :

These standards use for classifying a cleanroom by the particle numbers in the laboratory's air. The classification of cleanroom standards ISO 14644-1 needs specific particle count measurements and controls to classify the cleanliness level.

Cleanrooms are classified as per the number and size of air particles allowable per volume of air. Large numbers such as class "100" or "1000" (FED-STD-209E) signify the number of particles of size 0.5 micrometre. Small numbers mention standard ISO 14644-1, which specifies the decimal logarithm of 0.1 micrometres particles.

Both these standards, ISO 14644-1 and FS 209E are expected log-log relationships between the size of the particle and the concentration of the particle. For that thing, there is no such concept as zero air particle concentration.

ISO cleanroom classifications are rated according to how much particulate of specific sizes exists per cubic meter. Class 1 indicates the "cleanest" cleanroom, while class 9 indicates the "dirtiest" one. ISO class 3 is equivalent to FS209E class 1, whereas ISO class 8 is equivalent to the FS209E class 100,000.

ISO Specifications :

This ISO standard includes these cleanroom classes, including ISO 1, ISO 2, ISO 3, ISO 4, ISO 5, ISO 6, ISO 7, ISO 8, and ISO 9.

ISO 1 is considered the "clean" class, whereas ISO 9 is considered the "dirty" class. This ISO 9 cleanroom environment is cleaner than a standard room, and the most communal ISO cleanroom classes are ISO 7 and 8.

ISO 5 :

It is considered as the cleanest cleanroom classification. It must have less than 3520 particles less than 0.5 microns per cubic meter and 250-300 HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtered air changes per hour.

ISO 6 :

It's a very clean, cleanroom classification. A cleanroom must have less than 35200 particles greater than 0.5 micron per cubic meter and 180 HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filtered air changes.

ISO 7 :

It's a common clean cleanroom classification. It must have less than 352000 particles greater than 0.5 micron per cubic meter and 60 (high efficiency particulate air) filtered air changes per hour.

ISO 8 :

It is the least clean cleanroom classification, with less than 35200000 particles greater than 0.5 micron per cubic meter and 20 HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filtered air changes per hour.


Classification charts for different classes with particles of different microns and Air changes per hour chart:

ISO Classification Number

Maximum permissible concentrations (particles/m3) for particles equal to and greater than the considered sizes

Air Changes Per Hour

≥ 0.1µm

≥ 0.2µm


≥ 0.5µm

≥ 1µm

≥ 5.0µm

360 – 600

ISO Class 1







ISO Class 2







ISO Class 3







360 – 540

ISO Class 4







300 – 540

ISO Class 5







240 – 480

ISO Class 6







150 – 240

ISO Class 7







60 – 90

ISO Class 8







5 – 48

ISO Class 9







Conclusion :

Our kaizen Airtech solution has satisfactory years of experience in manufacturing Cleanrooms according to norms of ISO standards to meet client's requirements.


A coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is a common device used in manufacturing sector for inspection / test of components and assembly & manufacturing processes with the precision. CMM is quick still flexible measuring tool that support manufacturer to save time and money. Its role manufacturing is to make ultra-precise measurements in terms of points (coordinates).

Hence it is necessary to have enclosure to CMM. The basic aim of CMM machine enclosure is to protect it from contamination, enhance its reliability of measurements and cut-off needless maintenance cost. Wherein, Modular CMM enclosures are utilized to offer a controlled surrounding environment for the machine. Modular CMM Enclosure ensures safety to inside machine from environmental factors and allows CMM to provide coordinates with utmost accuracy.

KAIZEN AIRTECH SOLUTIONS, PUNE is manufactures supplies, and exports modular clean rooms, soft walls, hard walls, and CMM enclosures. We design a cleanroom solution to satisfy customer's requirements by delivering an ultra-precise working environment with a tolerable level of contamination as specified by particles per cubic feet by modular cleanrooms. Such kind ultra clean cleanrooms promote the execution of critical processes with ease.

Why CMM machine enclosures are used in the industry ?

The environment in which the job is measured should be highly controlled to avoid unnecessary causes and damage to the object. As CMM measurements are taken at sufficient accuracy, even the smallest environmental change can cause a problem. If, the overall temperature of the object and surrounding increases, most metals expand and contract when it's cooled. Also, if there is debris and dust on the object and it gets measured, there will be an effect on the final measurement.

Some of the advantages of modular CMM machine enclosure :

There are no. Advantages of CMM machine enclosure that will make it more popular among all manufacturing industries. KAIZEN AIRTECH SOLUTIONS manufactures high-end technology CMM cleanroom services that are produced to exact equipment requirements. KAIZEN AIRTECH SOLUTIONS is recognized for producing desired CMM clean rooms that incorporate your industry's specifications.

Benefits of CMM Machine Enclosure are listed as below :

Manufacturing is the complex process hence it needs precise measurements of products.

1. Controlled Temperature

It helps in reduce the risk of airborne particles from contacting the equipment during loading/unloading of parts. CMM machine enclosure provides controlled temperature and manage air pressure.

2. Detachable Service Panels

CMM machine enclosure has the facility to detach service panels as per need to place the components. For maintaining clean environment, it contains brush strips for cable access.

3. Sound Dampening :

This is the facility where it reduces the noise of machine.

4. Fire Protection :

CMM enclosure helps to protect expensive equipment and pieces of machinery from fire.

5. Modular Flexibility :

CMM enclosures come in a versatile and flexible modular design that ensures their functionality.

6. Quality & Precision Assurance :

In CMM machine enclose quality and precision parameters must be followed by the manufacturers.

7. Convenient Mobility :

In case it is needed CMM machine enclosure can relocate or shift from one place to another.

8. Customize :

It can be customized as per the client's specification and for higher quality assurance. Customization depends on the environmental level of protection, temperature and humidity.


Even though Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is the key aspect for any machine industry hence, CMM enclosures also play an important role for safety purposes. To keep all factors away from the adverse effect on the final measurement of the object we provide you the best solution with advanced Cleanrooms.

We, KAIZEN AIRTECH SOLUTIONS, PUNE, have sufficient years of experience producing measurement equipment, CMMs and Optical Systems solutions to meet customer’s needs. We ensure our enclosure solutions will fulfill all features of your operation need. The enclosure will be designed, manufactured and installed by KAIZEN’expert team.


Cleanrooms are important in every industry to prevent from external dust, dirt, and contaminants which can damage not only products but harmful for the human being too. Cleanrooms are specifically used to keep pure air constantly circulating, using air filters and positive pressure to keep critical processes clean from particles and contaminants.

Cleanroom provides controlled and pollutant free environment with the help of filtering process. Cleanroom creates shield from airborne microbes, dust pollutants, aerosol particles and other hazardous components. Cleanroom used in the industries like pharmaceutical, electronics, medical equipment industry etc. where hygienic is the first priority.

Here are different ways industries using cleanrooms for keeping contamination away:

As an isolation room :

Isolation rooms require negative pressure to prevent contaminants from coughing, sneezing, breathing traveling along with air. These unique room cleanrooms have been designed by the KAIZEN AIRTECH SOLUTIONS to detect pressure loss, hands-free showers, and toilets, and no circulating air.

For electronic equipment :

The delicate nature of electronic manufacturer's equipment such as semiconductor and microelectronic demands environmental controls. Any kind of defect in the cleanroom can affect the whole production run. Cleanrooms for electronics manufacturers are air-tight and have UV-filtered light. Cleanrooms used by electronic manufacturers are quiet spacious than any other industry.

For medical equipment :

Medical device cleanrooms are designed to control minute particles and microorganisms. Due to the covid-19 crises demands and regulations for medical device manufacturers have risen drastically.

For compounding pharmacies :

The compound industry produces compounds and chemicals that need cleanroom for strict environmental control. The unique nature of such pharma industries requires to mix, produce and sell drugs specifically designed to meet consumer’s needs. The nature of compounding pharmacies makes it necessary for them to have an enclosed sanitary environment.

For ballrooms :

This is another way cleanrooms are now using. Its full-scale production operations for precision products. They are the opposite of the mini-environment used for one to or one process. Ballrooms are large with complete operations of production. The major issue with ballroom designs is their ability to produce a completely contained environment.

As laminar airflow :

As all cleanrooms have laminar airflow control. It’s the version where air enters through the ceiling and passed by exist through outlets in the floor. In another design, air enters through one wall and leaves through the other. For such applications, HEPA filters are most used.

Conclusion :

Since cleanrooms are used by delicate industries like Medical industry, beverages industry, food industry etc. and this is the reason we have to offer best of the output which fulfills the demand of our customers. We cater and try to deliver cent per cent perfection to make use of cleanrooms in respect to design and manufacture.

Cleanrooms are the backbone of some specialised industry and KAIZEN AIRTECH SOLUTIONS, PUNE provide one stop solutions and supply, export clean rooms, soft walls, and hard walls along with cleanroom accessories.