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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Evaporative Air Cooling Systems, Equipments like Fan Filter Unit, Air Washer, Ducts. We also provide Design, Setup, Maintenance Services of Evaporative Air Cooling System. Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India and majorly we serve customers from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, South India.
An evaporation method is the practical and useful cooling system. Evaporative cooling systems converts normal or outside air into cold air. The evaporation system is the central part of the cooling system. It cools the air by spreading evaporated water. Its basic principle is that hot air transfers heat to cold water, thus water gets evaporated, and the cooling effect is generated.

Modular OT is useful for single specialty and the multi-specialty hospital. Generally, Operation Theatre has four zones as a protective zone, clean zone, aseptic zone, and disposable zone.

At Kaizen, we manufacture multi-use industrial evaporative cooling systems. Our coolers are useful in cooling of both indoor and outdoor spaces. We design evaporative coolers which are uniquely designed by understanding the requirement of modernizing cooling. Our coolers can cool residential buildings, factorize, garages, warehouse, and a construction site with cost-effective power saving.

Benefits and Key Features

Fresh Air :

  •   Create a pleasant environment
  •   Circulation of natural air with moisture
  •   No use of ammonia
  •   CFCs as special refrigerants

Health benefits :

  •   Contamination-free environment
  •   A natural process of evaporation
  •   No headache, no infections
  •   Diseases, no allergic reactions

Environment-friendly :

  •   Designed with an eco-friendly approach
  •   Cooling with minimum use of water
  •   No use of harmful greenhouse gases

Constraint-free :

  •   No need to close windows or doors
  •   Free air circulation

Quiet operation :

  •   Noise-free
  •   Comfort inexperience

Easy maintenance :

  •   Contamination-free environment
  •   A natural process of evaporation
  •   No headache, no infections
  •   Diseases, no allergic reactions

Low installation and operational cost :

  •   Simple design
  •   High efficiency
  •   Low maintenance

5.1 Fan filtration unit

Fan filtration unit is a stand-alone unit consist of a fan, HEPA filter, and control system. Kaizens fan filters provide pure air to the cleanrooms or various laboratories by removing unwanted and harmful particles.

We design and manufacture components of fan filtration unit to implement microfiltration of air inside the filling room. The HEPA filter is an essential part of the fan filtration unit. The motor-driven fan draws in contaminated air and blows it over HEPA filter.

Fan filter generates a clean and hygienic working environment. Quiet in operation and low in vibration with the sound intensity of approximate 50dB is the unique feature of this fan filtration unit. It helps in providing a uniform flow of micro-filtered air with cleanliness down to class 7.

Key Features

  •   Ultra-cleaned environment
  •   Two-stage filtration process
  •   Quiet in operation
  •   Automatic indication for changing the filter
  •   Easy to install and maintain

Technical Specification

Particle retention at fine filtration

3 to 5micron

Particle retention at HEPA filter

0.3 micron

Ceiling height


Noise level


Cleanliness class

ISO Class 7

Floor area

Standard and Customized

5.2 Air Washer

Air washer is the primary component of the climate control and the air quality system. Air washer enhances the quality of air by scrubbing and by adjusting humidity levels. Air washer keeps the environment consistent. A swamp cooler is the prime component of the evaporative cooling system. Evaporative coolers absorb outside air through the motor and chill it with the help of cooling pads.

At Kaizen, we manufacture highly efficient with advanced specifications coolers which ultimately leads to saving your money. For efficient cooling, proper cooling pads should be used for evaporative coolers. At Kaizen, we offer you specially designed cellulose cooling pads which provide you with efficient cooling with less water usage.


5.3 Ducting

Kaizens ducting system is the best air management system and maintains a suitable temperature. We use duct made up of a plastic or metal pipe to carry air from one place to another. Duct act as a channel that circulates exhausted or pure air.

We adequately design the ducts for an evaporative cooler, and it provides adequate ventilation. Ventilation through ducts comprises of maintaining the temperature of airflow, air quality control, and oxygen replenishment.


Technical Specification



Coverage (per gal)

Up to 320 lin. Ft. at 3” width 20 mil thickness


Passes ¼ inch mandrel bend

Time to Test

48 hours*

Service Temperature

20˚F to 200˚F (-20˚C to 94˚C)


Weather and Mildew Resistance

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